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The Mojom

The Mojom is a magical state of well-being and fulfillment, a method that I propose to you to find unity between the head, the heart and the body, in order to deploy all your inner powers, at the service of a fair and inspiring life project.

For several years, I have helped hundreds of men and women to reconnect fully with who they are, to free themselves from stress and blockages, to take care of their health and to shine !

La méthode Mojom Alice Vivian

3 ways to activate your Mojom


Discover the power of yoga: a flexible body, a calm mind, a happy heart



I support you step by step in your quest for well-being and fulfillment


Reconnect body and mind to bring out all your inner power!

And also retreats


Reconnect with nature, yourself and others

Feeling good in your body

Calm and serenity

Illustration homme posture

More self-confidence

La méthode Mojom Alice Vivian

More energy and joy


Laurence W.

“Alice is a wonderful yoga teacher, very attentive and open to multiple approaches.”

Jean-Marie D.

“I had the great chance to meet Alice, she is a beautiful person who is always attentive to people and who knows how to bring us all her skills in the practice of different activities.”

Gwenaelle S.

“Alice is a great professional who radiates human qualities ! Solar, supportive, gentle, joyful, guiding. Skills and empathy to spare !”

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