Consulting and support

From individual transformation to collective change

Support for managers and directors

From individual transformation to collective change

Mojom tailor-made support for leaders and managers in their transformation, on topics such as :




Goals :

Support directors and managers in integrating daily stress management and wellness tools. Prevent professional burnout with personalized advice and follow-up.

Format :

Individual sessions of 1 hour by videoconference, regular follow-up or one-off sessions on a specific subject to be unlocked.

Advice and ultra-personalized follow-up, in complete confidentiality.



Goals :

Support management committees, management teams or directors with their teams, in the integration of personal and collective tools for stress management, daily well-being and motivation.

Format :

Work sessions of 1 to 3 hours, by videoconference or face-to-face, in one-off or regular sessions depending on the objectives and needs.

Personalized advice and follow-up, to restore spaces for dialogue, practice and decision-making on these subjects.


Consulting & support

Social responsibility - Health and wellbeing - Corporate Culture




Mojom supports you in the implementation of a well-being at work and talent activation program. Co-build with your HR or CSR teams, with :

A first diagnosis to build an adequate action plan

A program of conferences once a month to raise awareness and empower your employees on well-being topics: stress management, nutrition, sleep, health and MSD prevention, etc.

Practical workshops to experience the mojom method : activate your strengths by reconnecting body and mind

A training program for managers and employees on the subjects of time, stress and energy management (dedicated training, modules in seminars, etc.) to anchor good practices

Paper and online tools to deploy and anchor the practice

Dedicated event(s), e.g. well-being at work week, launch of a well-being campaign, etc.

Monitoring, steering and measurement of results

A participatory process that questions and builds the plan with the employees themselves

Tailor-made, dedicated and unique programs


Do you want to launch a dynamic of well-being?