HRD, Directors, Managers,

Put the well-being and activation of talents at the heart of your strategy, to help your teams gain serenity, efficiency and motivation at work.

Mojom: concrete and effective solutions for the well-being of your employees

25% of workers in a state of “hyperstress”, 12% in burnout. Alarming figures which worsen even more with the crisis. According to the OpinionWay survey of October 2020, 58% of employees who only telework declare themselves to be in psychological distress. Hyper-exposure to screens, disturbed rhythm and sleep, bodily pain, loss of social ties or even uncertainties, teleworking is exhausting and highly demotivating. It is urgent to take action.

In this context, Mojom offers conferences, workshops, training, to accompany you step by step on the following subjects :

  • Stress management and well-being of your employees : take care of their health, teach them how to better manage their time, regulate stress and preserve their energy (3 key subjects : the magic triangle),
  • Talent activation : develop confidence, leadership, presence, resilience, emotional intelligence … to  adapt to new ways of working and to prepare the future,
  • Search for purpose and alignment, as an individual but also as an organization

Mojom: a new method

My approach brings together the head, the heart and the body, a method of integrative and systemic transformation, awakening in priority the somatic intelligence. By reconnecting to the body and regulating their stress, the individual not only regains control of their health and well-being, but they also deploy their powers : improvement of attentional capacities, better emotional regulation and relationship with others, more calm, listening, discernment, presence, a better quality of management… By promoting the well-being of its employees, the organization improves individual and collective efficiency and resilience.

I have been supporting directors, employees and managers for several years in this quest for well-being and full potential. By giving them tools and concrete solutions to apply on a daily basis, I help them to better experience the transformations of the world of work, to release their autonomy and ability to act with accuracy and enthusiasm.


Special health crisis and teleworking

On line teambuilding


“Health & well-being” or even “Superpowers”, short and friendly workshops to boost your teams


on efficient teleworking

The keys to serene and efficient remote working online format (7H) – or in a short workshop


Managers coaching and


Group or individual support formats on the subjects of stress management and team motivation


The advantages of the Mojom approach

Less stress, more efficiency

Mobilized teams

Flexible formats and durations

Concrete tools applicable the next day


They trust Mojom

Maxim Sergeev

Direction RH, ALD SA – Société Générale

“Excellent feedback from our managers on Alice’s inspiring approach! Her method, which goes through the scientific content to transforming into practical exercises, is adapted and effective for all. In a concrete and playful way, she helped us to put in place simple daily actions to manage stress and activate our strengths.”

Snjezana Vrdoljak

Chargée d’animation et dev.RH, RCI

“Meeting Alice made me realize the essentials. Beyond the practical exercises and explanations on the interactions between our brain and our body, Alice brings us above all a moment of serenity and benevolence by who she is and her generous way of transmitting.”

Morgane Meissirel

Chargée de mission RSE, ICADE

“We launched a “well-being through body and mind” program with Alice to learn good practices at work: stretching, taking your eyes off screens thanks to eye yoga, abdominal breathing to relax , how to adopt the right reflexes in a stressful situation… Alice is motivating and attentive. Her workshops were greatly appreciated at Icade !”

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