Tools and empowerment

The work place is going through major upheavals that will require organizations and employees to adapt quickly. To develop these essential soft skills such as confidence, creativity, collective intelligence or resilience, it is first essential to help individuals better manage their stress, so that they can regain their full potential.

Before the crisis, already 1 in 2 workers said they were stressed and anxious at work, and 1 in 4 were in a state of “hyper-stress” at risk for their health (cabinet Stimulus – 2017). Since the COVID health crisis, the state of uncertainty and stress has only increased, seriously endangering the health of employees, their ability to bounce back and their motivation. In May 2021, an Opinion Way study estimated at 2 million the number of severe burnouts in 1 year in France, and 44% of employees in psychological distress. Stress management is becoming an essential skill to acquire for all employees, jobs and types of organizations.

To support the organization and its employees in this period of uncertainty and great upheaval, mojom offers training courses integrating 3 fundamental and complementary subjects.



Change of perspective and re-appropriation

gestion de stress


Wellbeing and efficiency

pictogramme énergie


Long-term health and motivation

3 formats :  


fleche vers le bas
fleche vers le bas
fleche vers le bas

TIME management, STRESS management, ENERGY management at work:

28 hours of training :
3 modules of 7 hours with a trainer + 7 hours of e-learning

Hybrid format : remote or face-to-face + elearning

No prerequisites Intra and inter-company


Upcoming cycles :

Remotely – 6 mornings : 13/14 October – 9/10 November – 1/2 December 2022



Body and energy techniques to manage stress and optimize energy :

7 hours of training

Format: face-to-face or remotely

No prerequisites

Intra-company and “tailor-made”


Contact us to schedule a session in your organization



Advice and practices for better organizing and serenely living teleworking:

7 hours of training

Format : remote

No prerequisites

Intra-company and “tailor-made”


Contact us to schedule a session in your organization

fleche vers le bas




LE DECELERATION CAMP – The “signature” seminar by mojom

4 days in a natural setting to rethink your relationship with time and learn how to better manage your stress and your energy – residential


Next edition open to all : October 2022 (FRENCH)

(seminars not eligible for public funding)

Possible in “tailor-made” for companies, contact us


An innovative and integrative approach : head-heart-body


Mojom trainings are based on a “head, heart and body” approach, hybridizing many disciplines:

  • inputs in sciences and neurosciences, in future studies, philosophy, health and biomimicry, for theoretical lessons,
  • personal development and soft skills tools inspired in particular by NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and positive psychology to facilitate self-diagnosis and the integration of soft skills,
  • body and energy techniques inspired by yoga, mindfulness, martial arts, theater or “embodiment”, for physical exercises.

The experience of reconnecting to the body is an essential and differentiating element of our pedagogy (postures, movements, breathing, feelings). It facilitates learning by activating other forms of intelligence, acquiring quick and easily accessible tools on a daily basis (the body becomes a “shortcut” versus a harder-to-reach mind). This allows you to truly transform your habits and embody the desired posture.



Mojom training courses are QUALIOPI certified according to a quality charter and a requirement for constant improvement. Training can be covered not only by your company (training and development budget) but also by OPCOs and other public bodies (employment center, FAF for the self-employed, etc.). Write to us for more information.

Evaluation : a first questionnaire for validation of skills is sent one week after the training, then a second 3 months later.

A certificate of completion is issued after each training.




Mojom offers follow-up and support after the training to keep the dynamic of practice and exchange

– Benevolent and supportive emails, as a “reminder shot” for several months (free)

– To go further in the learning and transformation process, Mojom also offers:

  • Individual support over the year following the training, on the subjects of Stress, Time and Energy; videoconference sessions, with initial diagnosis and assessment.

  • Group training and/or support : to advance your team, organization or work group on these subjects, format to be defined together.


Modality of access to training


Our training courses are accessible according to the following methods :

– In inter-company, that is to say in groups of trainees from different companies or organizations (private, public, associations, self-employed, job seekers, etc.)

– Intra-company, that is to say in groups of trainees from the same company

Training can take place:

– Face-to-face at your company’s premises

– Face-to-face in a room rented for the day (at the expense of the company)

– At a distance

– In “blended” (face-to-face + e-learning)

– In “tailor-made” for the intra

– French or English


Training financing methods :

Our training courses are QUALIOPI certified and therefore eligible for financing by your company (skills development plan), by OPCOs and employment centres. For more information, contact us at

Training access times: Inter-company training

The dates of the sessions will be published on the website

Once you have completed the positioning questionnaire or requested information or a quote by email, we undertake to respond to you within a maximum of 72 working hours. If necessary, the training manager will contact you to ask you for clarification, to ensure that the training meets your expectations and to finalize the process registration. For your part, to guarantee entry into training on the set date, you must make sure to send us the signed quote, the positioning questionnaire or any other administrative information as soon as possible. If you are applying for funding from your OPCO or other, check the processing times for your applications.

Training access times: Intra-company training

Mojom will offer you dates as soon as possible based on your availability and that of the trainer. As with inter-company training, to be able to start training, your speed of response to all administrative questions will speed up the start of your training.

Special cases : AIF funding scheme (Pôle Emploi funding in general): the deadlines may be extended due to the processing of information by the Pôle Emploi platforms. This is why we advise you to anticipate as much as possible before the start of a training course to carry out all the administrative steps if the training date is already fixed. Allow at least 1 month and a half to be sure that your request is processed by Pôle Emploi before the start.

If you are the actor of your request and the sole decision-maker, the processing times are therefore very fast if a training date has already been set. Registrations will nevertheless be closed 3 working days before the start of the session.

Once registered and your payment validated, we will send you all the necessary information by email : training agreement with CGV (general conditions of sale), dates, place, conditions of the training, a welcome booklet with a complete program of your training and access to the e-learning platform for blended training. You will receive a training invitation at least one week before the start of the training.


For any other questions concerning the methods or the deadlines for access to our training courses, contact us at

Beneficiary accessibility with disabilities : the rooms rented for our face-to-face training are accessible to people with reduced mobility. The disability situation must be mentioned in order to schedule an interview with the program director; this one will listen to the needs of the person as well as possible and will see what would be the possible arrangements and adaptations. In the event that we cannot accommodate the person, mojom undertakes to clearly inform them of the reasons and refer them to a competent body.

The CGV (general conditions of sale) are accessible here, and the rules of procedure by simple email request.



certification-qualiopi- formation

Mojom is a training center registered under the activty number  11755887275  at la DIRECCTE  and received the quality Certification of Qualiopi