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Dictatorship of urgency, addiction to speed and screens, “infobesity”, demand for profitability, efficiency, immediacy… Everything is going too fast, and we are exhausted. In France, already 1 in 2 working people declared themselves stressed and anxious at work, 1 in 4 even in a “state of hyperstress”, considered as a level “at risk for their health”*. The COVID-19 crisis has only amplified the stress and the feeling of helplessness in the face of events. Exhausted, we undermine our health, our motivation, our ability to think and make the right decisions. By wanting to go too fast, we lose the direction, the vision and the energy to bring our projects to the long term. STOP!

What if we changed our relationship to TIME, to better reclaim it and regain control of our life, our health and our choices? What if we learned to better manage our stress and our energy in order to find serenity and enthusiasm at work and in our lives? What if we took the TIME to take a break, to disconnect from screens, to reconnect with nature, with ourselves and with others in order to regain the energy to lead our life happily ?

THE DECELERATION CAMP is a 4-day stay in the heart of nature to learn how to slow down and regain the energy to thrive.

Better understand your relationship to time and stress, to free yourself from your exhaustion systems  and blockages,

Experiment and learn techniques of  :

    – Organization and time management,   
    – Stress management: body relaxation, breathing, relaxation and meditation,
    – Daily energy management

Be inspired and reconnect with nature

Learn about yoga, meditation and mindfulness

Share with the group and let the magic of the group work

Take time for yourself, to listen to your needs and recharge; come back equipped and full of energy for what’s next !



From October 6 to 9, 2022 at the eco-center of the L’arbre aux étoiles (star tree) in Normandy.

PEDAGOGY: content and practical experimentation

This seminar offers theoretical and scientific inputs (prospective, neurosciences, biomimicry, integrative health, permaculture) in order to provide a better understanding of Time / Stress / Energy topics. It also allows self-diagnosis phases, so that everyone can appropriate the content and progress.

Above all, it offers a practical training space, a digital detox camp, disconnected from screens and in contact with nature, to better experiment and integrate lessons, to fully experience the benefits of deceleration and to take advantage of exchanges and learnings in the energy of the group.

-> ✨ A “head, heart and body” pedagogy for a transformative personal and collective experience, in conviviality and sharing.

Deceleration Camp Mojom

pictures @lebouchot  / eco-centre le Bouchot en Sologne


This retreat is for anyone who wants to take a break and acquire tools and techniques to better manage their stress and energy, at work and in their lives.

Open to professionals and individuals. Whether you are employees or managers, self-employed, in the associative world or in transition, you will find concrete elements to integrate into your daily work and personal life. The diversity of the group contributes to the wealth of exchanges and learning.





Overall satisfaction : 9.8 / 10

100% “very satisfied” on: relevance of content, quality of animation, response to needs, contribution of training, welcome and atmosphere

Recommendation rate : 100%

The + according to the participants:

  • the real and physical experimentation of deceleration in the middle of nature : “synergy of the place with the digital diet and contact with nature”, “total immersion to experience deceleration in real life and not only in the head”, “frame auspicious and inspiring”
  • the diversity of formats, activities and approaches : “graphic and drawn approach”, “bodily awakening in the morning”, “very good balance between theory and practice, time for the body”, “The balance of time (personal/collective reflection; theory/practice;…)
  • the strength of the group, the interactions between the participants : “small group allowing us to compare our experiences while feeling really confident”, “the benevolent atmosphere”, “diversity of the group”
  • the quality of the content and concepts developed : “relevance of the content”, “richness”, “A dynamic pedagogy that anchors the changes”, “the material transmitted, the depth and the personalization of the content and sharing”, “Content “top- notch” and very practical ” the quality of animation: “Listening, empathy and adaptation to everyone’s rhythm”, “the flexibility of the organization”, the collective dynamic offered”,
    “Alice’s engaging and benevolent animation”

    “Alice is a top trainer: the content and the way of delivering it are exceptional”

    “A transformational experience”


RATES FOR THE 4-DAY SEMINAR (excluding accommodation):

Individuals : 520 euros including tax -> early bird price 395 euros

Independents, VSEs, associations : 720 euros including tax -> early bird price 500 euros

Companies : 1,350 euros including tax -> early bird price : 1,000 euros

These prices include :

  • the content of the deceleration program, i.e. 25 hours of seminar + activities and workshops in the morning and evening, as well as entertainment
  • the educational material and welcome pack given to each participant,
  • a follow-up and support program by email for 3 months after the camp, to help with the integration of practices,
  • a reunion event 2 months after the camp, and entry into the Power Club mojom (sharing group, exchanges of superpowers, community events/parties, personalized emails throughout the year with advice, articles and exercises to follow etc…)

These prices do not include the accommodation/full board part, which differs according to the edition and the location. For the October 2022 edition of the star tree ; accommodation and full board 4 days/ 4 nights: €350 (according to terms), contact us.

Do you have few financial means but skills to offer? contact me ! Time, skills, … let’s reinvent exchange currencies together !




You want to train your team or integrate the program into a larger company seminar, we can organize a dedicated Deceleration Camp together. Let’s talk about it !

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pictures @lebouchot / eco-centre le Bouchot en Sologne, édition 2019 et printemps 2021 puis photos @larbreauxetoiles novembre 2021