( French session : contact us for an english customized version)

Arrival October 6

Welcome and installation in the rooms , dinner

D1: the decompression airlock

  • Welcome circle, intention and program presentation


– 1st keys and deceleration exercises: breath, silence and space
– Connection with the place – Free time * dinner
– Evening deceleration : deep relaxation

D2: Suspend TIME

8 a.m.: Body awakening / yoga

8:30 a.m.: Breakfast

9:30 a.m.: PROGRAM

  • Why is it essential today to decelerate and rethink our relationship to time? Defining Time: From Science to Philosophy
  • What does nature have to teach us about time? Biomimicry, cycles and long time

  • Self-diagnosis: my relationship to time, my difficulties in time management

  • Practical exercises on time management
     – the imps of time
     – the 5 levers of time management

Free time: walks, reading, meditation…

8 p.m : Dinner

Evening deceleration: gentle yoga and meditation / free time

D3: Calming the Mind

8 a.m.: Body awakening / yoga

8:30 a.m : Breakfast

9:30 a.m : PROGRAM

  • The mechanisms of stress When stress becomes chronic: impact on my performance and quality of life at work
  • Self-diagnosis : my relationship to stress (my stressors, the effects of stress on my body, my mood and my behavior)


  • Confidence and letting go

  • Practical exercises to learn how to regulate stress and recover
    – Postures and body movements to reduce and prevent tension
    – Breathing, relaxation and centering exercises to calm the nervous system and better manage emotions
    – Body exercises to develop confidence and presence

    Free time: walks, reading, massages, meditation…

    8 p.m.: Dinner


D4: Activate his ENERGY

8 a.m : Body awakening / Qi Gong

8:30 a.m : Breakfast

9:30 a.m.: PROGRAM

  • Energy, purpose and alignment
  • Self-diagnosis : my energy creditors and debtors.
  • Identify your value system and your needs – Become the craftsman of your balance
  • General tips: how to optimize your energy? breaks, chronobiology, nutrition…


  • Practical exercises : energizing
  • Body and energy tips to boost physical energy, confidence and enthusiasm
  • My Deceleration project: intentions and roadmap

Conclusions, “for the future” and exchanges

Departure at 5:30 p.m :  A new energy

*Program likely to be slightly modified for the order and times (particularly due to weather conditions)