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The COVID crisis has plunged us into an extremely stressful situation which requires us to drastically change our ways of living and working. Telework, widely adopted by workers, is becoming a very common model for a large number of workers. However, if this model can bring a lot of flexibility, saving time or energy, it can also generate a lot of stress, a drop in productivity and a great demotivation.



The objectives of this training are to give you the keys to productive and serene telework :

– Understand the mechanisms of stress and in particular what produces it in the context of teleworking and in the current context of great uncertainty

– Understand your own stress factors and action levers

– Acquire practical techniques and tools to:

– better manage time and organization on a daily basis,

– calm the mind, concentrate and be at your full potential,

– create a favorable and motivating work environment,

– learn to listen to their needs and adopt the right communication methods to improve remote working relationships,

– Adopt a structured and reassuring routine.

The objective is that everyone can leave with a practical action plan that is easily applicable on a daily basis, to gain in well-being, serenity and performance at work.



Duration of training : 7 hours

A 100% online, flexible and efficient format:

Remote sessions, on zoom, 7 hours spread over 2, 3 or 4 sessions (depending on your constraints)

· Sending of preliminary documents with intersessional work

Sending documents after the training PPT, toolbox / memo cards

The training offers theoretical and scientific contributions on the subjects in order to offer a better understanding, assimilation and motivation to experiment. It allows self-diagnosis phases so that everyone takes ownership of the subjects and progresses. It also offers practical training times (body and energy exercises) to help participants in their daily lives in a concrete and effective way. Group dynamics and exchanges of experience are sources of learning and conviviality.

In-company training



Welcome and personal goals

· Stress and telework – Stress and crisis

· Mechanisms of stress – chronic stress and its vicious circle

– Self-diagnosis: my relationship to stress (my stressors, the effects of stress on my body, my morale and my behavior): better detect stress to better correct it / act

The 5 levers of stress management when working from home: tips and tools

– The workspace: creating a conducive environment

–  time management : prioritize, plan, focus

– energy management : well-being rituals and life balance

– management of your emotions : knowing how to recognize them and use them!

– Communication : how to keep the bond and take care of the relationship?

Practical exercises to learn how to regulate stress (the toolbox – mojom method):

– Postures and movements of the body to reduce and prevent tensions and TMS (musculoskeletal disorders)

– Breathing, centering and relaxation exercises to calm the nervous system, concentrate and better manage emotions

Conclusion and discussions



This training is aimed at any type of organization (companies, associations, collectives, etc.) and audiences, whatever the level and position. For all those looking for more serenity and efficiency in telework for a better life balance.


No prerequisites


Alice VIVIAN, consultant and trainer in social innovation, stress management and corporate well-being – founder of mojom




TPE, associations : 1,100 euros including tax (12 people max)

Company : 1,400 euros including tax (12 people max)

Made to measure : on estimate

*activity related to continuing vocational training not subject to VAT

These prices include:

  • the content of the training program (7h),
  • educational material (pdf support, memo-cards with practical exercises to redo at home)
  • the follow-up program by email after the training,

mojom training courses are QUALIOPI certified, therefore possibly supported by your OPCO. Contact us for more information !

Terms of cancelation :

– 100% of the price of the training in the event of cancellation within a period less than or equal to 10 working days before the start of the training.

– 50% of the price of the training in the event of cancellation within a period of between 11 and 20 working days before the start of the training.

– a fixed cost of €80 including tax corresponding to the administrative costs incurred will be retained in the event of cancellation within a period greater than or equal to 20 working days before the start of the training


A certificate of completion will be issued

Evaluation : a first questionnaire for validation of skills will be sent one week after the training, then a second 3 months later.

Mojom offers follow-up and support after the training to keep the dynamic of practice and exchange

  1. A benevolent and supportive follow-up by email 3 months after the training (challenges, reminders, articles) Free

  2. To further the learning and transformation process, mojom also offers:

  • Individual support over the year following the training, on the subjects of Stress, Time and Energy; videoconference sessions, with initial diagnosis and assessment.

  • Group training and/or support: to help your team, organization or work group progress on these subjects, format to be defined together.

Mojom is a training organization registered under the activity declaration number 11755887275 with the DIRECCTE – QUALIOPI certified