Facilitating personal and organizational transformation

through Body and Mind


Inspiration and understanding

Inspiration et understanding

 » The « CARE » philosophy, to survive the crisis: take care, re-mobilize and reinvent your business »

« Future of work and human capital »

“ The urgency of Deceleration ! Seeking for meaningful lives « 

 » The  Body intelligence at the service of transformation »

“ Activate your talents through neuroscience ”

 » Managing well-being at work « 

 » Preventing burn out : how to manage our energy « 

« The keys to serene and efficient teleworking »

« Zen and resilient during the crisis: how to stay positive and engaged in times of uncertainty? »

« Prevent burnout »

 » Searching for more meaning : « flow » state and activation of  our superpowers »

« The Body intelligence at the service of transformation »

“Activate your talents through neuroscience”

Organizing a talk

Duration : between 45 minutes and 1h30

Modalities : face-to-face or by videoconference

Number of people : no limitation

Language : French or English

Price : on estimate


Workshops & team building

Experiment and federate

In order to take care of and re-mobilize your teams during this period of containment and the COVID crisis, mojom offers online workshops dedicated to the health and well-being of teleworkers, as well as workshops to boost superpowers. Let’s  boost cheer up the troops !

Current themes : eye care exercices, work postures and prevention of body tensions, stress management and relaxation, time and energy management in teleworking, confidence and resilience.

capture ecran

Duration : between 45 minutes and 1h30

Modalities : face-to-face or online

Number of participants: from 6 to 80 people depending on the subject and desired interactions

Format: a clever mix of theoretical and scientific insights, advice then
practical and physical exercises.

Language : French or English

Objective: to experiment the mojom method in 5 steps, where the key is connection to the body


To equip and (trans) form

To support the organization and its employees in this period of uncertainties and major upheavals, mojom offers training courses on crucial and intrinsically linked subjects such as: Time management, Stress and emotional management, and optimization of our Energies – in 3 new formats:

fleche vers le bas

Advice and tips for better organization and teleworking – 7 hours of intra or inter-company training – on line

fleche vers le bas

Time management, Stress management, Energy management at work : 3 modules -21 hours. – on line or face-to-face – intra or inter-company

fleche vers le bas

4 days in a natural setting to rethink your relationship to time and learn how to better manage stress and energy – residential


Consulting & coaching

From individual transformation to collective change

Mojom provides tailor-made support to executives, managers and employees in their transformation, on subjects such as:

 Individual support  

Support directors and managers in integrating wellbeing tools. Prevent professional burnouts with highly personalized advice and follow-up, in complete confidentiality.

Groupe support 

Spaces for dialogue, practice and decision-making to support management committees, managerial teams or directors with their teams

Organization support 

Implementation of a well-being at work and long-term talent activation program, co-constructed with your HR or CSR teams